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This is a selection of Justin's solo piano works with and a couple of orchestral pieces sprinkled in.  


I wasn’t interested in the piano until I heard a friend of mine play two pieces: an original composition and Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven.  That performance inspired me to learn how to play the piano and compose my own music. I was 15.  Since that day, I have written hundreds of pieces, won seven MTAC state competition awards, performed at Carnegie Hall in New York, written symphonies performed by professional orchestras, composed music for the Diablo Ballet used for live performances and short-films, won a gold Telly Award for music, won my first award for best music at a film festival, released eight volumes of piano solos, had a composition published internationally in the AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) syllabus, raised a family, managed and worked full time at Steinway & Sons and rode the emotional rollercoaster one might expect from life and all of the above.


I am truly happy and live a blessed life. I have an amazing family and friends filled with love and support; they are my inspiration and center! I am thankful every day for the gifts I have been given and will continue to do my best to share them with the world. 




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Justin Levitt's


for Piano


"When I hear music I see images which tell a story. It has been like this as far back as I can remember so it should come as no big surprise that I would one day stumble upon a path in life (an art form) which includes imagery and music. Justin has written a collection of pieces for us with a breadth and range as wide as that of life itself; from the whimsical to the introspectively serious, the tempestuous to the calmness of an early morning sea after a great storm. And why shouldn't he have done so? After all, his music comes from a life being lived; a real life. Listen to his music, play his music, and enjoy the work of a master artist, craftsman, and performer. But be prepared for a world of imagery to begin to appear as you do so, inviting you to beautiful, exciting worlds you may never have dreamed of before."​

 Alan Silvestri – Film Composer

"Rarely does one have the opportunity to hear a composer perform their own compositions.  I had such an experience at Carnegie Hall when Mr. Levitt performed his original works for piano.  What an extraordinary opportunity it was to hear the tempo, dynamics – all of the musical nuances.  It is as if life was given to a printed page in such a personal and intimate manner.  As a composer, Mr. Levitt has so much to express to us."

 Ron Losby – CEO/President, Steinway Musical Instruments

"Justin Levitt’s music is as lovely, as gentle, and as substantial as the man himself. Unerringly lyric, it displays a grace and elegance that is a palliative for the often frenzied world around us."

Robert Greenberg – Composer, Author, Professor, Historian

“Justin's music is beautifully constructed, with a gift for melody that touches everyone.”

Joel Fan – Steinway Artist, Concert Pianist

“Lyrical, elegant, inspirational – Justin Levitt’s music is close to the heart!”

Jan Jiracek von Arnim – Pianist and Professor at the University for Music in Vienna and
Artistic Director of the International Beethoven Piano Competition Vienna, Steinway Artist

“Justin Levitt’s collection of original piano solo pieces will appeal to pianists of all ages and will provide hours and even years of piano-playing enjoyment. Very highly recommended!”

Kathy Parsons – MainlyPiano.com

“Hooray! These pieces are real gems.  I find Levitt's music to be not only unassuming and charming, but guided by a genuine creative intuition.  This is wonderful music for teaching.  Above all, his writing is heartfelt, honest and communicative.”

John McCarthy – San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Director Emeritus

Preparatory and Extension Divisions

“You wear many titles depending upon what you are needed for – a colleague, a teacher, a director, a mother, a child, etc, etc. Then you stop questioning yourself and follow the dictates of your heart.  I feel that Justin Levitt’s pieces free me from the mundane and let me discover who I really am”.

Mina Perry – Concert Pianist

“To play Justin Levitt’s music is to enter a soulful place where a quiet inner life reflects the natural beauties of the outer world.”

Sue Hammond – Steinway Artist and Producer Classical Kids

“The joy Justin Levitt experiences when he is making music is almost palpable and it is contagious. Justin is a very real example of just how great and how positive the power of music is and how that power can be used to bring people together. Nowhere is this more evident than in his original compositions. Through them he willingly reveals his heart and makes himself vulnerable, all because of his overpowering desire to share the joy of music.”

Robert J. Snyder – Steinway & Sons

“I have been playing piano since I was five years old and teaching piano for the past 30 years. I am constantly searching for new repertoire to play and to share with my students. Justin’s pieces have fast become my studio favorite. His beautiful melodies, rich harmonies and addictive rhythms satisfy the listener and compel the performer. I love the variety and energy in Justin’s music. His vibrant personality and passion for music is engaging and felt in each composition. The books are beautiful and his attention to detail in the score is refreshing! My students love looking for his performance tips and feel it brings the composer into the performance with them.  Bravo, Justin!”

Wendi Kirby-Alexander – Pianist, Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music

"Justin's music connects us with something larger than ourselves, and also with each other."

Renée Witon, Saint Mary's College of California



Composer - The more fun side (that's debatable)

This is the guy that has to juggle everything.  From the writing, orchestrating, marketing, etc. etc.  He's forced to make the hard decisions like, which notes sound the best with the other notes he's using or, at times, just figure out which notes not to use. He's got a heavy burden on his shoulders but he carries it well.


Performer - The more serious side

This guy gives everything in concert and can often be seen afterwards wondering what just happened.  Its been said that he takes his listeners on not only a emotional journey but a visual one as well.


Maker of Music and Bringer of Inspiration

My music wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for my Steinway.  It inspires me, surprises me, gives me freedom of expression and never judges me (unless I don't practice).

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