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This collection of piano solo books is intended to have something for everyone. Each volume has an array of pieces ranging in styles from Pretty, Classical-ish, Jazzy/Bluesy/Ragtime, Heartfelt, For Little Hands, Technical, Cinematic, Chordal/Americana, Fun/Imaginative, Pop, etc. (The Life Music Genre). The music is great for personal enjoyment, teaching or simply sharing with others. Each book has between 30-50 pages of music along with a contents page, piece descriptions, bio and testimonials. Each cover is printed on heavy linen paper and the scores are printed on a beautiful cream-colored paper stock. Justin is proud to say that the pieces from this collection are being played in homes, recitals, master classes, concerts, film festivals and piano competitions around the world. He is grateful for the opportunity to share my music with you, and hopes that you will enjoy it!

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