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The Villains
Mansion Rag
(for four hands)

Duets for Piano

Duets for Piano

The Villains - This is a showstopper duet with an edge of villainy. Performers will execute hilarious physical moves around the piano while playing the main themes. Justin Levitt is at his best with a creative score that is rhythmic with hints of sinister jazz, sure to be lots of fun for students and audiences.

Mansion Rag - This one piano, four-hand duet is composed in true Ragtime style. The Ragtime melody is played predominantly by the Primo part, while a steady rhythmic Secondo part keeps time. This is an excellent piece for a student-teacher duet in performance, and can introduce your studio to the style of Ragtime. 


Sheet Music Available - Click cover to view


National Federation of Music Clubs Selection 

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