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As a composer, I can attest to the special nature of composing for orchestra. There is something truly magical about working with an ensemble of musicians, each with their own unique abilities and voices, to create a piece of music. Hearing my compositions come to life, with the help of skilled musicians, and adding those final touches, is a dream come true. 



During some of the most challenging and uncertain times in Covid, I was asked to compose a piece of music that would reflect the emotions and struggles we were all collectively experiencing, while doing my best to weave in a sense of hope and positiveness for the future - this is where Ballestra was born.  A piece composed for the Diablo Ballet and the Diablo Symphony. I kept the dancers and orchestra in mind throughout the writing process. 


This piece was truly a labor of love during very challenging times. I hope you enjoy Ballestea and that it connects with you. I put my heart and soul into every single note.  It's amazing to have something so special to show after everything we all went through during Covid. Thank god for music and the arts!

*This recording was performed by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in the Winter of 2021.

This piece was specifically created for ballet. My initial objective was to create a solo piano version, and from there, orchestrate it and have it recorded. This dream became a reality when the world-class Budapest Scoring Orchestra recorded it in the Winter of 2021. Throughout the writing process, I kept dance at the forefront of my mind, envisioning how each note would complement the dancer's movements and how the music and story would transition from scene to scene and dancer to dancer.

While I've crafted the musical narrative, it is left open-ended, inviting a choreographer to interpret and tell their own story through dance. 

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